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Space Time Coffee - The Origin Story

Founded in 1904 by German immigrants recently settled in Milwaukee, WI, with the sole purpose of bringing high quality artisinal coffee to their new hometown community. Passed down through six generations... nah, just kidding!

Space Time Coffee was founded in 2020 as a way to take the lemons of non-employment due to living during a global pandemic, along with the death of the live performing arts, for the same reason, and turn it all!
(That's how the saying goes right? 'Make lemons into coffee?' I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.)

It was a way to take high quality craft coffee back from the pretense, preciousness, and gatekeeping that had become commonplace in the scene and make it more fun and accessible again!


Hi I'm Adam, the local idiot and retro sci-fi/macabre enthusiast behind this crazy little company. I've been active in both the arts and coffee for years. Now I micro-roast coffee in Milwaukee, WI and enjoy getting weird with the brand and engaging with the community at makers markets, farmers markets, and pop-up events!
I encourage you to do you! Wherever you are and whatever you do, keep creating, keep getting weird with it, and Space Time Coffee will be here to ensure you enjoy amazing coffee along the way!

Make art. Be weird. Drink coffee! 

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