$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING || FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 5 lbs or more! || FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on qualified orders (Milwaukee, WI)*
$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING || FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 5 lbs or more! || FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on qualified orders (Milwaukee, WI)*
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Space Time Coffee - The Origin Story

Founded in 1904 by German immigrants recently settled in Milwaukee, WI, with the sole purpose of bringing high quality artisinal coffee to their new hometown community. Passed down through six generations...

Nah, just kidding!

Space Time Coffee was founded in an effort to make high quality coffee accessible to as many people as possible and as a response to the increasing exclusivity as well as the “corporatization” of specialty coffee. One doesn't need to base their entire identity and existence around it to enjoy great coffee; and if the local "cool people only" cafe is off-putting or makes you uncomfortable for any reason, there's a pretty swell alternative!

When working markets, people often ask me where Space Time Coffee is located. My answer is always, I'm based in Milwaukee, but there's no brick and mortar location. I exist solely at makers' markets, farmers' markets, pop-up and special events (and of course in the aether with the online sale of roasted beans). This is intentional. Taking much inspiration from Anthony Bourdain, coffee to me is about connection. As the roaster/brewer/barista/presenter/and everything else person, I want to share the experience of what I'm creating directly with the people and community consuming it, as often as possible. Keeping things small, mobile and direct allows me to avoid any intermediary steps or "middle men" and do exactly that!  

By design, Space Time Coffee is a small scale, made to order, micro-roaster, offering delivery directly to your door. This means that all orders are roasted individually, within 24 hours of shipping. We guarantee all the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) talking points and ethical practices, but aren't hell bent on flaunting them. The aim is to keep things straightforward, to consistently offer light, medium, and dark roast options, utilizing coffees intrinsically suited to the individual roast levels. The coffees offered will change periodically as fresh crop becomes available seasonally. Specialized, limited release offerings will also be available from time to time. The highest precedent is placed on ethically and equitably sourced green coffees, and an attention to detail in roasting that results in a cup you're sure to enjoy!


Beyond coffee, Space Time Coffee strives to actively engage in the local community and the support of independent artists, especially those working outside the norm. Why this keen interest in artists and fringe culture? As Space Time Coffee's founder, my own background is in the arts. My career began in ballet as a professional dancer. Parallel to this were a steady stream of music projects, some ridiculous, some serious, ranging from glam punk to avant-garde. As a freelance artist I worked on mixed discipline performance pieces and enjoyed life on the fringe festival circuit. Throughout this time I also worked extensively as a barista, growing my knowledge and appreciation of coffee, as well as the ins and outs of the industry.

Today my top professional priorities are creativity, independence, connection, COFFEE, and active engagement in a community of independent artists/makers/creators - with Space Time Coffee being the ultimate realization of this!

This is coffee both by and for free thinkers, DIYers, and all creative types making their own way out on the fringe!

    Make art. Be weird. Drink coffee! 

    Adam - Space Time Coffee founder / roaster / coffee & avant-garde enthusiast.

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